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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Counselor.

Counselors are people who provide advice on something. They guide the people on the directions of doing somethingIn each and every day there are many things that needs are counselor to direct. At a point, everyone will need a counselor. One gets physical, emotional, and, mental support from the counselor They ensure that the person is kept at peace.Counselors can provide guidance in many sectors.They can be in schools, hospitals and work places.. Counselors are also needed by teachers and students Students will get help on what to do on issues of poor performance from the counselorOne can also need a counselor before choosing a marriage partner.Counseling is also done to married couples. Knowledge is given by counselors. The counselors help the people on the kind of behavior they should haveThey also teach the people on how to have responsibility over some things. They comfort people during times of grieve. counselors are people who are experience in life. These are trained on how to guide people with mental and psychological problems. Emotions and experiences are shared.

In times of grieve like death, counselors are needed Death is so painful. Death mostly hits children and the youth The loss is usually too hard to bear with. The children need great help in these times in order to ensure their peace They might lose a teacher or a parent. The heart of the child is usually greatly brokenOne should therefore not try to hide the situation or pain to the children.It is very important to let the children know about it as soon as possible. Support is therefore needed Spiritual support is also required. They should always have someone besides them to monitor and help them when need be This should be dealt with a lot of care. The children will need a good counselor in these timesThe children should be allowed to cry as much as possible.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a counselor during this time of grieve. It is very important to consider the experience of the counselor Great experience is needed from a good counselorThey should have the skills of interacting with children and all other people. They should be friends to the children.The counselor should also be well educated and trained. They should study psychology.The counselor should also be able to relate well with the people. They should be respective and should not use offensive words in their answers. Total focus on the children is important They should not be rude to the personThey should be strong and not cry with the children. They should demand little pay from their customers.

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